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For over 25 years, Britech has specialized in helping our customers succeed in the low inventory, just in time environment of industrial production.

Our rapid injection molding process gives design engineers a fast and affordable way to get real injection molded parts in low volume quantities. We specialize in custom injection molded thermoplastic parts using complex tooling and resins

Britech Industries has been recognized as a world leader in the quality of their injection molded plastic parts. Our superior customer service is the key to our customer’s satisfaction, which includes the guarantee of quick turnaround from when you place your order and when you receive your part.

These are the reasons that manufacturers depend on Britech Industries to deliver key injection plastic molded components on time at a reasonable cost. Britech Industries has many years of successful experience in the injection molded plastic field and has pooled it to satisfy customers across the globe.

The process begins with you, our customer, and what you need to complete your project.

The Injection Molding Process

Plastic injection molding produces complex and intrigue three dimensional parts at low cost. Britech Industries specialists can take any design, regardless of how complicated, and create a mold that will produce any number of perfect parts. Using a reaction injection molding process (RIM), a mixture of thermoset polymers are injected into a mold under high pressure. As the mixture sets, in the mold, it expands and cures. In cases where a very rigid and strong finish is required, a reinforcing agent is added that increases the strength and endurance of the final injection molded plastic product.

Reaction injection molding produces parts that are lightweight, strong, and flexible that can be painted or finished to meet any type of requirements. Unlike other types of molding, RIM has a very quick cycle time that allows us to produce large quantities in less time. Parts produced in this way can have thin or thick walls with both types having similar durability. An attractive feature of RIM is that parts can be of any size. The only controlling factor is the size of the equipment.

Reaction injection molding uses a mixture of a thermoset polymer, which is usually a polyurethane, and liquid polyisocyanate. The mixture expands in the mold to form bubbles, which can produce either open or closed cell foam.

Though Britech Industries produces parts using RIM, we also specialize in traditional injection molding. We adapt our processes to fit the needs of our customers. Injection plastic molding is the injection of molten plastic into the mold cavity that is in the shape of the final part. The heated mixture is forced against the sides of the mold. As the mold is allowed to cool, the molten plastic cures and solidifies.

Injection molding is one of the oldest forms of manufacturing processes that was first patented in the middle of the first industrial revolution in 1872. The design of the original device was rather simple compared to the complex machines we use today to produce intrigue and precise parts.

Britech Industries uses the finest quality polymer resin to produce our high-quality parts. Resin is in the form of beads that are melted at the beginning of the process. We use thermoplastics that are an excellent material for the manufacturing of plastic parts and have many features that make it ideal.

What are the benefits of plastic injection molding?

Britech Industries has many years of experience in the plastic injection molding process from our days as a local supplier to our present status as a world leader in the production of injection molded plastic products. In the many years since its introduction, plastic injection molding has proven to be the best possible method of producing parts and components at a low cost. The advantages of plastic molding include:

Precision - Plastic injection molding can produce flawless parts that have intricate and complicated designs. Parts can include a wide variety features regardless of its size.

Material choice – There are many kinds of plastic materials that can be used in injection molded plastic parts, such as antistatic plastic, thermoplastic rubber, chemical resistant plastics, and infrared that can come in a variety of colors.

Cost savings - Plastic injection molding is an automated process with the majority of the process performed by machines with a single operator. Automation reduces manufacturing costs and lowers overhead. These savings in production significantly lowers the cost to customers.

High Efficiency - Once the injection molds have been designed to the customer’s specifications and the presses programmed, the molding process is very quick and efficient that lead to faster turnaround and delivery.

Reusable molds – Though the design process for a mold may take additional time, the final mold can be used to produce thousands of parts with every part being exactly the same.

Less handling – Once a part leaves a mold, it will require very little finishing and handling. There are value added features that can enhance the final part as it comes from the mold. Part repeatability and maintenance of the original design are some of the main reasons plastic injection molding is so popular.

Little waste – The plastic injection molding process does not have any waste. Sprues and runners, the leftover bits of plastic, can be reground and reused. The elimination of waste is another cost saving feature.

Plastic Molds

Britech Industries’ engineers have spent years creating designs for molds. These intricate creations have been the result of customer requests that have arisen from the requirements for their production of a product. Every detailed designed is produced in the most minute detail incorporating the expertise and skills of our specialists.

The mold construction process begins with a customer order for their project. Britech Industries engineers examine customer requirements and create a dialogue in the initiation process. It is this conversation between the customers and our specialists that guarantees a part will specifically meet customer manufacturing and production requirements.

Once the concept of the customer is clarified, the design is created using the latest in CAD software and is sent on to the tool shop to make a prototype, which is used to produce the part for inspection. Again, the conversation between Britech Industries’ staff and the customer perfects the design to make any necessary adjustments. After both parties agree and the customer is completely satisfied, a mold is made from high quality steel, which is sent on to the production line.

Britech Industries has many years of successful experience in the injection molded plastic field and has pooled it to satisfy customers across the globe.

The process begins with you, our customer, and what you need to complete your project.

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