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Custom and Standard Molded Rubber,
Extruded Rubber and Plastic Products.

Britech specializes in Molded, Extruded & Die Cut Rubber Products. We offer custom rubber moldings, custom rubber parts and dies with fast turnaround times. See our Products page for a complete listing. Britech designs and manufactures custom rubber parts for companies of various sizes in a variety of industries. We can manufacture rubber products domestically or offshore. With our stocking and customizing services we can provide rubber parts to manufacturers "just in time" so they don't have to have large stocks on hand. This keeps costs down; enabling our customers to compete in the global marketplace. To arrange for a quote please fill out our on line quote form or call our sales staff at (772) 286- 9278. If you don't see the rubber part you want please contact us. See the latest news from Britech and sign up for our e-mail newsletter on our About page. Browse our site today for all your manufactured rubber part requirements and see what we can do for you. Britech also has two related manufacturing divisions. Follow these links to visit our Injection Molded Plastics and Extruded Elastomer Divisions. These divisions feature quality manufactured custom vinyl extrusions, extruded plastics and variety of related products. Call or contact us today!

Below are links to our most popular extruded and molded products. To the left are links to each product.

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U Channels Grommets Seals & Gaskets Custom Vinyl Extrusions Injection Molded Plastics

Some of the rubber parts we supply are rubber u channels, rubber grommets, various rubber seals and gaskets, silicone rubber products, rubber sections, Rubber coves and wipers, and rubber washers. To the left there are links to all of our products. Our complete catalog is on line; each rubber part has it's own page. Browse our site to find the rubber parts and products you require. Call us if you don't see what you want; we will be able to help you meet your requirements.

Britech has two other related divisions. Britech Extrusions is our manufacturer of custom plastic extrusions, vinyl extrusions and extrusions of any elastomer. Our other division is in the Injection Molded Plastics area of manufacturing. Our rapid injection molding process gives design engineers a fast and affordable way to get real injection molded parts in low volume quantities. We specialize in custom injection molded thermoplastic parts using complex tooling and resins We have value-engineered our processes and applied innovative methods to make us both time and cost efficient. This along with our extensive experience with injection molding allows us to deliver exceptional service, customized to your needs. We can produce your injection molded part to your design using the material you specify in a timely manor that keeps your projects on time and within budget. The Injection molding division has it's own website. Browse it today or call one of our specialists at (772) 286- 9278

Contact us if you have any requirement for our Rubber Products, Extruded Products, or Injection Molded Plastic Products. We are always available to answer your questions or RFQs. Call us today!


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