Rubber Extrusion

Britech Industries specializes in rubber extrusions.

Our high-quality designs are produced to the most exacting standards in the industry with the promise that every part will perfectly match the dimensions that you specify. Parts manufactured using the Britech Industries exclusive process have all of the excellent qualities of rubber with the added feature of Britech Industries technological sophisticated personnel and equipment.

Extruded Rubber Parts

Rubber U Channels by Britech

U Channels

When shopping for rubber U channels, Britech Industries has an assortment made from EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, and Silicone compounds. Our quality extrusions are perfect protection of corners or as a seal.

Britech Rubber Seals and Gaskets

Rubber Seals & Gaskets

An essential element in manufacturing, rubber seals and gaskets need to form a tight connection between components. Britech Industries seals and gaskets are precisely engineered designed for any application.


Rubber Ribbed & Cord Stock

Forming a tight seal around windows and doors is important for protection of property. Britech Industries precisely engineered extruded rubber ribbed and cord stock can be vulcanized to meet your needs.


Rubber Pedestal Sections

Rubber pedestal sections by Britech Industries are rigid and sturdy designed to slide easily into any track or groove. Produced from technically advanced processes, they are perfect for any application.

Rubber D Sections

D Sections

D sections have to be able to withstand the abuse associated with a bumper. Britech Industries has a wide selection of rubber D sections and offers a large selection of shapes and sizes of tape application.

Silicone Parts Page

Silicone Rubber

Britech Industries is proud of its implementation of cost-effective solutions when customers have budget concerns. Our selection of silicone rubbers are fabricated to withstand many hazardous conditions.


P Sections

Britech Industries has several styles of P sections that come in profiles of varying lengths. Our rubber P sections come in several widths or can be custom engineered for unique applications. We also offer tape application for numerous sizes and shapes.

Rubber Triangle Sections

Triangle Sections

The variety of uses of rubber triangle sections has made them essential in forming a complete seal for cracks and openings. Britech has wide selection in several sizes. In addition, tape application is available for many different shapes and sizes.


Coves & Wipers

Britech Industries’ rubber coves and wipers are made from sturdy materials that include EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, and Silicone. These are long lasting profile extrusions that come in several sizes to fit any application. Many sizes and shapes have tape application offered as well.

Britech Rubber Bar Stock

Bar Stock

High quality rubber bar stock has to be resilient enough to endure erratic changes and conditions. Britech Industries’ engineers have expertly formulated bar stock that retains its shape in all situations. In addition, tape application is offered for many shapes and sizes.

Britech rubber Rectangles and Squares

Rectangles & Squares

Rubber rectangles and squares are widely used in a number of industries. Britech Industries supplies the largest corporations in the world with high quality rectangles and squares using the finest materials. Additionally, tape applications are available for many shapes and sizes.

What is the rubber extrusion process?

Rubber extrusion begins with a rubber compound that is fed into a feed hopper. It is then fed into a flute with a revolving screw, which carries the rubber into the die. The pressure and temperature increase as the raw rubber gets closer to the die. At a critical point, the rubber is forced into the die that is crafted for the size, shape, and design of the final part.

The built-up pressure pushes the raw material through the opening in the die. As it is processed, it will swell to various degrees depending on the material’s compound and hardness. As the extruded rubber leaves the die, the vulcanization or hardening process begins. During vulcanization, the extruded rubber will swell or shrink depending on the type of rubber compound used.

Once the rubber extrusions exit the die and are vulcanized, they are cut to the size required for the final part using the predetermined and designed cross section of the die. The final part has all the characteristics of rubber with high durability, resistance, and strength. Britech Industries’ parts produced using this process are of exceptional quality and have proven to perform flawlessly in all conditions and environments.

Extrusion Dies

Though Britech Industries has an established set of dies to fit any type of requirements, we can design and produce a die to fit unusual or unique designs. Our team of highly trained engineers, using the latest CAD software, can make your vision a reality. Regardless of the challenge, Britech Industries is ready to meet your demands for rubber extrusions.

Britech Industries manufactures dies using the highest quality of steel blanks. Extrusion dies are precisely engineered and designed by cutting an opening in a steel blank. The shape of the opening perfectly matches the cross section of the finished rubber part. The tensile strength of the die is able to withstand the pressure that builds up as the rubber is forced through it during the extrusion process.

The rubber that is forced through during extrusion tends to swell when passing through the die causing an increase in dimensions. Britech Industries’ dies are made and designed for each individual part to ensure that they meet the required tolerance standards of the design for the finished extruded rubber part. Our engineers understand the factors that affect the finished material after it cools that include the shrink rate, the percentage of size that is lost after cooling. The shrink rate is an important consideration when designing the die since it will impact the dimensions of the final part.

Why choose extruded parts?

Extrusion is a process that is used to produce rubber parts that match a fixed cross section profile. The advantage of this process, over other rubber forming processes, is its ability to produce complex designs and patterns in large quantities with every part perfectly matching the original design. The final rubber extrusions produced have a smooth flawless finish that requires very little after production handling.

Since parts from this process are produced by forcing rubber through a die, they retain the initial tensile strength of the raw material, which is enhanced and solidified by the process. Once a die is produced and accepted, it can be used continuously over a long period of time to produce exactly the same part. Extruding requires very little involvement of labor, which further cuts the cost of the final product.

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