Molded & Extruded Rubber

Britech Extruded RubberThe importance and significance of rubber cannot be emphasized enough. From its resourcefulness to its extensive range of applications, rubber products are manufactured, distributed, and used in different forms worldwide. Rubber is an elastic substance made from petroleum, natural gas, or the exudations of some tropical plants. Rubber is the main component of tires in automobiles, airplanes, and bicycles due to its flexibility, durability, and hardness.

Many techniques are used to process raw rubber into a useful product, such as rubber molding or rubber extrusion. This article will specifically focus on these particular areas.

Introduction to Molded & Extruded Rubber

Rubber molding is the process of transferring, compressing, or injecting raw rubber material into a metal mold cavity to turn uncured rubber or an elastomer into a useful product. The material's polymer chains crosslink due to the pressure applied, which triggers a chemical process such as curing or vulcanization.

Extruded rubber is formed by softening and pressurizing an elastomeric compound and pushing it to flow through a hard tool called a die. The end product is a continuous piece of material with a consistent cross-section along its full length. The die profile determines how the cross-section is shaped.

Applications of Molded or Extruded Rubber

Natural or synthetic rubber can be formed and molded into intricate designs, which increases its usefulness. Rubber has the same qualities as synthetic materials such as neoprene, silicone, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), and different kinds of elastomers, but they are more flexible and durable.

Molded Rubber Parts

Britech rubber parts and products.Here are some of the important applications of molded rubber:

Extruded Rubber Parts

Britech’s Molded Rubber Parts

Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets PageRubber Grommets are manufactured by Britech, keeping in mind the highest standards of quality and specifications to protect sharp edges of panel holes and for gripping wires in order to protect them from abrasions and cuts. Rubber grommets are used for manufacturing electrical appliances, sports equipment, furniture, and lighting.

Rubber Bumpers

Rubber BumpersRubber bumpers are available in various forms to produce goods that prevent rigid parts from being harmed by vibrations and impacts. Britech's rubber bumpers are carefully designed by their engineers, ensuring reliability and toughness in order to protect delicate equipment from any kind of damage or harm. Transportation, electronics, and automobiles are the industries where rubber bumpers find the majority of their applications.

Rubber Washers

Britech Rubber WashersOne of Britech's finest offerings is their line of rubber washers, which are flat rings with holes in the center for fasteners or passageways for fluids. Rubber washers shield surfaces, stop leaks, and reduce vibration. Industries that commonly make use of rubber washers are construction, electrical and plumbing installation, aerospace, and automotive manufacturers.

Rubber Stoppers

Rubber Stoppers and TipsManufactured from natural rubber with a 40 durometer to meet the strictest laboratory specifications, Britech's rubber stoppers are ideal for sealing off joints or holes in laboratory glassware and providing a liquid-tight seal. Rubber stoppers find their applications in the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industries.

Rubber Tips

Rubber Stoppers and TipsRubber tips improve grip on rough surfaces, eliminate scratches on solid surfaces, and considerably reduce wear on your poles. Therefore, britech rubber tips perfectly serve the purpose and ensure full customer satisfaction. Rubber tips are commonly used in heavy duty industries, along with printing and packaging industries.

Rubber Caps

Britech Rubber End CapsBritech's rubber plugs are essential for sealing parts, particularly those that have chemicals or are exposed to high temperatures. Moreover, these rubber caps can also be used for the protection of furniture. The industries where rubber caps are mostly used include pharmaceutical, medical, and furniture.

Rubber Suction Cups

Rubber Suction CupsSuction cups by Britech create a solid seal when put on a smooth surface. Our rubber manufacturing equipment creates suction cups that are smooth, faultless, and will firmly hold the targeted surface. Suction cups are commonly used in medical, construction and food beverages industries etc.

Britech’s Extruded Rubber Parts

Rubber U Channels

Rubber U Channels by BritechU Channel Extrusions have many uses. They’re the perfect protective edge for the metals and rough parts/ They also can be used as cosmetic trims and budget-friendly seals. Applications of U channel can be found in plumbing, construction, marine, and automotive industries.

Rubber Seals & Gaskets

Britech Rubber Seals and GasketsBritech's seals can be used in numerous industries to prevent the unwanted leakage of liquids and gasses where their gaskets can be utilized to seal a connection between two components or flanges that have flat surfaces. In automotive, chemical, and oil & gas industries, seals and gaskets are majorly used.

Rubber Ribbed & Cord Stock

Rubber_Ribbed_StockManufactured with the finest quality rubber, Britech's ribbed & cord stock can be perfectly employed for the manufacturing of custom rubber seals, thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Industries where ribbed and cord stock are used, include furniture and automobiles.

Rubber Pedestal Sections

Rubber_Pedestal_SectionsAt Britech industries, rubber pedestal sections are designed with professionalism to meet customer demands and specifications. No tolerance policy is observed in the maintenance of the quality rubber pedestal sections. These products are commonly utilized in the automotive and construction industries.

Rubber D Sections

Rubber D SectionsIf your concern is to protect your valuable and fragile equipment, then Britech's D sections are certainly the right product to choose from. With supreme quality and functioning, these products can be used efficiently to absorb impact. Automotive, furniture, and construction industries employ D sections the most.

Silicone Rubber

Silicone Parts PageBritech industries facilitate their customers with a wide range of silicone rubber. All of their silicone rubber varieties can be employed to manufacture electrical insulating tapes, adhesives, sealants, etc. Many of the industries where silicone rubber is used include sportswear, footwear, electronics and automotive, etc.

Rubber P Sections

Rubber_P_SectionsP-sections created by Britech Industries can be frequently used as pipework between truck and vehicle panels, hatch seals, door seals, and window seals. Mining, automotive, and construction industries use P sections.

Rubber Triangle Sections

Rubber Triangle SectionsOne of Britech's finest products to be used for the purpose of sealing doors, windows, and small openings in their Triangle Sections. Mostly, chemical and construction industries used triangle sections in abundance.

Rubber Coves & Wipers

Rubber_Coves_Rubber_Wipers_Rubber_L_Sections Rubber coves and wipers designed by Britech are best suited to be used as they can offer more resistance to scuff and do not shrink. Prominently, their applications are found in automobiles and construction industries.

Rubber Bar Stock

Britech Rubber Bar StockPerforming up to its best in providing a resilient product, Britech's rubber bar stock ensures sturdy and reliable functionality to its customers. Applications include fitness equipment and electrical industries.

Rubber Rectangles & Squares

Britech rubber Rectangles and SquaresRectangles and squares of rubber made by Britech are used in a number of global industries to create a range of goods having an appreciable quality. Automotive, aerospace, and medical industries fall under the category of its applications.

Stock & Custom Rubber U Channel Extrusions

Rubber U ChannelsBritech Industries has been manufacturing U Channels for over 20 years and is one of the largest suppliers in the US today. Their wide range of capabilities allows them to make custom extrusions of many different compounds, sizes and shapes in addition to being able to stock a full selection of U Channels. Britech industries employ rubber in its production after its careful standard inspection, so the product that is formed ticks all the boxes in the list of customers' expectations.

Silicone Extrusions

To create cables, intricate profiles, and cross-sections, silicone is driven through a shaped die, which is a stainless steel disc with a pattern cut out of it. In general, silicone extrusions outperform other materials in terms of durability, color variation, and resistance to a larger range of environmental factors. Simple extrusions can be made, or we can create unique sizes with intricate cross-sections. To create a product with a variety of performance characteristics, they can be multi-layered. Silicone extrusions are prone to shrinking while being produced. Britech silicone extrusions are a fine choice to be used in the production of sealants, adhesives, and electrical insulating tapes.

Custom Rubber Extrusions

Rubber extrusions are one of the premium services that Britech offers to its customers keeping in view all the standards of quality and safety. In order to go out of the box in the provision of reliable service to their customers, Britech Industries deliver custom rubber extrusions to their customers. Customers can set their own specifications and proceed to receive their desired rubber extruded product.

Rubber Molding Process

Here's a brief explanation of the rubber molding process:

  1. Designing the Mold: First, the mold is designed per the specifications to accommodate the flow of molten rubber.
  2. Injecting the Rubber: When the mold is closed, the rubber, in liquid form, is injected into the molding machine so that it can flow through the channels of the mold through the sprue and runner.
  3. Compression and Cooling: The compression takes place in this step, and the liquid rubber completely occupies all the areas of the mold cavity. Afterward, the mold is cooled down to solidify the rubber.
  4. Ejecting the Product: The final product is ejected, and the machine further improves its finish.

Rubber Extrusion Process

Following is the step-by-step process of rubber extrusion:

  1. Heating: While being heated, the stock is pushed into the conveyor channel by the screw, which processes the raw rubber material.
  2. Screwing: The stock is delivered to the conveyor, where it is heated, sheared, and pressurized during the spinning of the screw.
  3. Pressurizing: The pressurized material is forced into the die at the extruder's end, where it takes on shape and is removed.

Considerations of Rubber Molding and Extrusion

Following are some of the important considerations to look for in the rubber molding and extrusion process:

Rubber Molding:

  1. Surface finish
  2. Part tolerances
  3. Low-temperature capability
  4. Coefficient of friction
  5. Chemical compatibility and volume swell

Rubber Extrusion:

  1. Radii for corner extrusions
  2. Rubber tolerances
  3. Movement of the part
  4. Prototype formation

Advantages of Rubber Molding and Rubber Extrusion

Following are some advantages of the Rubber Molding Process:

Following are some of the advantages of the Rubber Extrusion Process:

Britech Capabilities and Services

Britech Capabilities ensures its customers the manufacture and provision of high-quality plastic and rubber products through their high-tech equipment. The manufactured products are keenly administered to match the customers' specifications and ensure their satisfaction. Not only rubber molding and rubber extrusion, but Britech Industries provides not only rubber molding and extrusion but also injection molded and plastic extruded products.

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