Terms and Conditions

Pricing: The prices for products are available from the factory. They are, however, subject to change without notice. Customer orders will be billed at the price that is in effect on the day your order is received by Britech Industries. Stock material orders are subject to +- 5% of the ordered quantities. Non-stock material orders are subject to +- 10% of the ordered quantities. In addition to the purchase price, the customer shall also be responsible for all sales and other similar taxes.

Minimum Billing: Minimum billing is $50.00 for catalog parts in standard materials and colors. There is a $2.50 handling charge per order. Material is bulk packed. Special packaging will be quoted upon request. Non-stock or made to order, and color or material variations to stock lines per customers request, are subject to minimum order requirements. Please call Britech Industries.

Payment Terms: Net 30 days; FOB, Stuart, FL, subject to credit approval of Britech Industries. Delinquent accounts subject to a finance charge of 1-1/2% per month. The customer shall also be responsible for all costs of collection for amounts not paid within the payment terms (prior to delinquency status), including costs of collection services, attorneys' fees and expenses.

Britech Industries

Britech has grown over the years from a Florida only firm with customers through out the state into a nationwide manufacturer and supplier of custom rubber parts. We are located in Stuart Florida putting us closer to the growing Central Florida and east coast markets. We have increased the scope of our mission to include the manufacturing of Custom Molded Rubber Parts and Dies. This would enable us to directly produce the rubber products our customers demanded. The advent of the internet has allowed us to expand virtually worldwide. We can now offer our distribution and manufacturing services almost anywhere. With our stocking and customizing services we can provide Rubber Parts to manufacturers "just in time" so they don't have to have large stocks on hand. This keeps costs down; enabling our customers to compete in the global marketplace. Some of the rubber parts we supply are rubber u channels, rubber grommets, various rubber seals and gaskets, silicone rubber products, rubber sections, Rubber coves and wipers, and rubber washers. We also carry Rubber Bumpers, Ribbed Stock, Rubber D Sections, Pedestal Sections, Rubber P Sections, Rubber Triangle Sections Rubber Bar stock and more. To the left there are links to all of our products. Our complete catalog is on line; each rubber part has it's own page. Browse our site to find the rubber parts and products you require. Call us if you don't see what you want; we will be able to help you meet your requirements.

We have two additional divisions to serve our customers better. Our Extruded Elastomers division handles any extruded product requirement.

Our Injection Molded Plastics division has custom injection molded plastics available. Contact or call 800-805-3815 to speak with one or our specialists today.

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