Extruded Rubber Parts

Britech Industries manufactures a very wide variety of rubber extrusions, from U channels and gaskets to coves and wipers.

Each of our extruded parts is produced to exacting specifications and requirements using the highest quality materials, carefully selected for their durability and strength.

Extruded Parts

Rubber U Channels by Britech

U Channels

Britech Industries uses closed cell foam in the production of its rubber U channel extrusions. They can be cut to any specifications and designs.

Britech Rubber Seals and Gaskets

Seals & Gaskets

These crucial important parts are produced to customer specifications using the most cost-effective methods using a variety of compounds.


Ribbed & Cord Stock

Britech Industries produces ribbed and cord stock in a variety of lengths and materials. They can be cut to required dimensions and be shaped to meet your particular application.


Pedestal Sections

Britech Industries’ pedestal section rubber parts are an excellent method of forming a seal around doors and windows. The exacting dimensions and exceptional quality guarantee that the parts will meet any type of specifications and requirements.

Rubber D Sections

D Sections

D section rubber buffers are designed to absorb impact and protect equipment. Britech Industries produces several styles of rubber D sections in multiple sizes using a variety of raw materials. Tape application is available for many sizes and shapes.

Silicone Parts Page

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is a cost effective rubber solution that is non-reactive, stable, and resistant to hazardous conditions. Britech Industries has a wide selection of silicone rubber.


P Sections

P sections are an economical way of saving energy and money by sealing door frames and windows. Britech has a wide selection of rubber P sections in multiple sizes with tape application available for many of them.

Rubber Triangle Sections

Triangle Sections

Rubber triangle sections are an excellent solution for sealing doors, windows, and small openings. Britech offers multiple sizes and shapes that can be vulcanized and reshaped for specialized uses. Tape application is offered for many different sizes and shapes.


Coves & Wipers

Britech Industries has established the industry standard in its innovative approach to the extrusion of rubber coves and wipers. Using the finest materials, our profiles are designed to fit any application and tape application is offered for many shapes and sizes.

Britech Rubber Bar Stock

Bar Stock

High quality rubber bar stock is precision manufactured in even thicknesses at predetermined widths and is resistant to abrasions and high impacts. Britech Industries has developed high performance resilient bar stock. Many sizes and shapes offered have tape application as well.

Britech rubber Rectangles and Squares

Rectangles & Squares

Rubber rectangles and squares are utilized in several industries in the world to produce a variety of products. Britech Industries is a key supplier of these popular shapes. Tape application is offered for numerous shapes and sizes.

Customer Service

Britech has many ways to accommodate your needs. We have many items on our stock list; i.e. parts stocked and available to ship in one or two days. We also have access to many "standard" molds; readily available for production in standard materials saving you the expense and time necessary for new tooling. If one of Britech's parts would meet your requirements with some modifications we recommend "custom standard". Standard parts can be made in special compounds and colors. Britech can also cut, splice or grind standard items to adapt them to your needs. "Custom" parts require a new mold. Contact customer service for additional details about custom dies and molds.

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