Vinyl Extrusion

Britech's Extrusion Capabilities

Britech Industries produces custom extrusion profiles using a variety of materials that include plastic, rubber, vinyl, and several other types. Our custom vinyl extrusions are of the highest quality in the industry and have been requested by companies around the world. Vinyl extrusions are used in the production of window frames, gates, and other products that require a durable, strong and resistant material that is lasting.

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Benefits of Vinyl Extrusions

There are several added benefits related to the use of vinyl extrusions as well as several factors that make it more attractive. Britech Industries uses a complex chemical formula to produce a sturdy form of vinyl that has multiple applications. Depending on its blend and formulation, it can be flexible or rigid, clear or colored, thick or thin, making it the most versatile of the various plastic materials. Items produced using vinyl are strong, durable, and nonconductive. Its unique configuration makes it abrasion, moisture, rust, and corrosion resistant, which is ideal for multiple applications.

Quality Vinyl Extrusions

Quality vinyl extrusions from Britech Industries include sophisticated designs that are cut, routed, and drilled to exacting standards. Vinyl profiles created in the fabrication process have the advantage of avoiding the expansion, contraction, and other variables that can be influenced by exposure to the environment. Regardless of the final application of the vinyl extrusion, it is guaranteed to be lasting and durable. It is vinyl’s ability to withstand the hazards of the environment that makes it the first choice in situations requiring a strong permanent product designed to never be replaced or repaired.

The determining factor in the quality and endurance of vinyl products is the mixture of chemicals used in the process. Britech Industries’ proprietary blend of the finest materials produces vinyl products that can meet any standards or applications. Extruded vinyl can be produced in a wide variety of thicknesses and designs. Whether you need window or door channels as well as rigid or flexible products, Britech Industries can produce the design that exactly fits the requirements.

As Britech Industries expands its manufacturing capabilities, we are very proud of the excellent quality of our highly durable vinyl products.

All that is required is for you to give us your project. We will create a vinyl product that meets and exceeds your requirements.

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