Britech Custom Vinyl and Plastics

Britech Industries designs and manufactures custom extrusions in a wide range of materials to meet the needs of many industries and applications.

Our design specialists will work with you to establish the right profile and the right material for your application.

We offer custom vinyl extrusions that fall under our plastic extrusion products/service. More information can be found on our Vinyl Extrusion page. Information on our extruded rubber can be found on our Rubber Extrusion page and information on rubber molding and parts can be found on our Rubber Molding page.

Our other plastics related division is in the Injection Molded Plastics area of manufacturing.

We specialize in custom injection molded thermoplastic parts using complex tooling and resins We have value-engineered our processes and applied innovative methods to make us both time and cost efficient. This along with our extensive experience with injection molding allows us to deliver exceptional service, customized to your needs. Contact us using the e-mail or telephone numbers provided below.

Telephone: (772) 286-9278 Fax: (772) 286-7173

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