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Britech_Rubber_StoppersA fundamental part of scientific experimentation and laboratory work is using rubber stoppers that are small accessories used to plug holes, seal containers, serve as insulation, and offer protection. Though laboratory rubber stoppers are identified with laboratory and scientific use, they are found in a variety of applications due to their durability, strength, and ability to form a solid tight secure seal.

Using the highest quality rubber materials, Britech Industries produces the highest quality laboratory rubber stoppers designed and produced to meet the ever-growing demands of laboratory environments. One of the main considerations in conditions where chemicals are present is safety and the protection of workers. At the top of the list of measures taken to ensure the safety of workers is rubber stoppers that tightly seal flasks, tubes, and containers to keep liquids, gases, and chemicals contained regardless of how the container is handled.

Rubber Used for Britech Industry Stoppers

Britech Industries uses 40 durometer natural rubber to produce our laboratory rubber stoppers, which meet scientific standards. The durometer standard is the hardness of the rubber that was developed in the 1920s. It measures the hardness of rubber according to its resistance to indentation. The better the rubber resistance to indentation, the harder its surface is.

The 40 durometer natural rubber used by Britech Industries has a firm, solid surface but retains sufficient flexibility and resilience to endure a wide variety of applications. The strength of our 40 durometer laboratory rubber stoppers can be seen in their ability to endure high impact applications while providing exceptional protection. Regardless of the high endurance, Britech Industries laboratory rubber stoppers are still flexible and pliable enough to create a tight secure seal.

Types of Britech Stoppers

Rubber stoppers come in several sizes, types, shapes, and configurations. Solid stoppers are the most common, which have a cylindrical shape that is tapered on one end. This type of laboratory rubber stopper tightly seals a container such that the contents can be mixed, easily stored, and controlled.

The second variety of laboratory rubber stoppers are ones with a single hole through the top of the stopper that allows access to the contents without removing the stopper. This configuration allows technicians and scientists to add chemicals to a specimen, test its temperature, and insert other instruments to take readings.

Ribbed laboratory rubber stoppers are engineered to provide an extra layer of protection and security. They are non-slip and exceptionally reliable stoppers chosen for the tight seal they create when placed. As with all of Britech Industries laboratory stoppers, ribbed ones are made of durable 40 durometer natural rubber and have the same impact resistance and flexibility of our other stoppers.

Britech Industries is well aware of the many demands of laboratory technicians and the types of work they perform. The specially trained professional staff at Britech Industries works diligently and tirelessly to ensure the laboratory rubber stoppers we produce are more than capable of meeting the demands required. From initial processing to the final product, each step of the process is carefully monitored and examined.

How Britech Industries Laboratory Rubber Stoppers are Made

The essence and quality of Britech Industries laboratory rubber stoppers is highly dependent on the process used to produce them. Beginning with the highest quality natural rubber, we use precision manufactured molds to shape the stoppers to the exact size and dimensions required. Molds are designed with exceptionally smooth surfaces such that the final laboratory rubber stoppers are formed without voids or bubbles.

As each piece is carefully inspected to ensure that it meets the exacting standards required for laboratory use. This aspect of our process has made Britech Industries the leader in laboratory rubber stopper production.

Britech Industries is ready to accept and meet your needs and requirements. Our staff is on hand to offer guidance and advice as well as assist you in meeting your laboratory rubber stopper needs. Call us at 772 286 9278 to place your order today. Our quality and guarantee are in our superior service.

Britech Industries – Rubber Tips

Rubber tips are referred to as crutch and cane tips or non-slip tips. Britech Industries manufactures high quality rubber tips using carefully selected rubber materials that are guaranteed to protect crutch ends as well as a secure tight fit for excellent support and cushioning.
The purpose of rubber tips is to provide traction, friction, and grip for crutches to prevent slippage or movement after a cane or crutch is placed. When a person is using a crutch, the most important aspect of it is that it provides stability such that they can easily lean on it and be assured that it will not fail. The meticulous engineering of Britech Industries’ rubber tips guarantees excellent performance without any concern for falling or accidents.B12 Crutch Tips

The Purpose of Britech Industries Rubber Tips

B16 Crutch TipsRubber tips are a standard part of all crutches, whether the crutch is underarm or forearm. In most cases, crutches are a short-term solution to help patients walk after having had some form of leg injury and must be sturdy and strong enough to offer support and stability. Walking with crutches requires twice the energy required to walk normally, which necessitates rubber tips capable of withstanding the weight and motion.
An important part of walking with crutches is balance and coordination, where the patient places the crutch and leans on it as they take a step. A rubber tip on the tip of a crutch guarantees that when the crutch is placed, it will not slip, move, or slide but will provide a solid and secure foundation to accept its weight. In essence, the complete mechanism of crutches is dependent on each component performing as required.

A properly fitted rubber tip encloses the tip of the crutch with a neck that wraps tightly around the tips to prevent it from falling off or moving. They are manufactured with rounded sides so that the user can make contact with a surface from various angles. The multiple strikes of a crutch tip place a great deal of stress and strain on their rubber material. The engineers at Britech Industries use their experience in manufacturing rubber components to produce rubber tips capable of this type of constant use and friction.B22 Crutch Tips

Features of Britech Industries Rubber Tips

Rubber tips come in a wide variety of sizes to meet the needs of different body types and the diameters of the tips of different crutches. Britech Industries produces standard sized rubber tips with reinforced side walls based on their many years of experience in the rubber manufacturing business with diameter sizes that range from 1/2” up to 1 1/8”. Regardless of the different diameters, the thickness and quality of the rubber material remain the same.D12 Crutch Tips

D16 Crutch TipsAs an added feature, Britech Industries offers rubber tips in black, white, or grey, depending on the requirements of the crutch manufacturer. The different colors make it possible to perfectly match the tip to the design of the crutch.
Using the highest quality rubber materials, Britech Industries molds rubber tips using specially designed molds that are engineered with smooth sides to prevent voids or bubbles. The key factor for our rubber tips is their durability, which is far superior to rubber tips from other manufacturers. Our careful precision monitoring of the process from the creation of the mold to the final product ensures that each and every piece has been quality checked to meet medical standards.

To prevent failure and ensure excellent performance, the side walls of Britech Industries rubber tips are double reinforced to be able to withstand the different styles of patient movement. The ends of our rubber tips will not wear, crack, or split due to the thickness of the rubber and its secure bond.
All rubber tips must have two characteristics, which are hardness and flexibility. They must be hard enough to withstand mistreatment and pressure but flexible enough to provide a smooth cushion. Each of the qualities are engineered and designed into every one of Britech Industries’ rubber tips. D19 Crutch Tips

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