Britech Rubber Coves, Wipers and "L" Sections

Rubber Extrusions: Closed cell sponge extrusions are available in standard and custom dies.
EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile and Silicone compounds are available. (Note Die ID Key, below indicating make up of stock dies.) The extrusions are available in continuous lengths and intricate profile shapes, but can be cut to length to meet your specifications. Our vulcanizing service offers you the option to shape the extrusion to meet your application around windows, doors and other seal requirements.Please note that some dies require a 2000 ' or 5000' minimum order.

Die Identification Key

E = EPDM N = Neoprene NT = Nitrile D = Dense

Britech Rubber Coves


Part # A B
1974 E (White) 1.980 1.300
2398 E 1.980 1.300
Britech Rubber Wipers


Part # A B
2385 E D 1.875 .125
2731 E D 3.000 .125
2877 E 2.750 .250
G7005B E 4.000 .200
G7005PW E 4.000 .200
50499 E D 4.500 .125

Rubber "L" Sections

Britech Rubber L Section 2730 Britech Rubber L Section 421
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